Welcome to the I Meditate - Holistic Therapies College , an independent, private college that is licensed to deliver the IMTTA (International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association) training courses and other associated short courses.

We offer on campus, accredited meditation teacher training and holistic counselling courses in Bentleigh, Victoria.

We also offer meditation classes, yoga classes and workshops


Is this course right for you?

Would you like to deepen your meditation practise and teach others the benefits of a meditation practise?

Someone already in the holistic wellness field looking to enhance your existing modality?

Looking for a career change with purpose and personal growth?

Are you drawn to holistic wellness?

Our Intention

To spread the benefits of Meditation, wellness and connectedness to the larger community, enhancing the lives of each other.  We believe when people take time out to connect with themselves they feel whole, peaceful and grounded, that connectedness and awareness enables them to embrace life’s challenges with an open heart and mind. 

Now is the time that Meditation is even more crucial to the wellbeing of people all over the world, especially in Western Culture where mental health issues are epidemic.  By cultivating a Meditation practice we can begin to heal our lives and ourselves one step at a time.